Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Ta'Quan Zimmerman looking to help Hurricane Harvey victims with #HundredForHouston

The devastation wrought by Hurricane Harvey has brought out the best in humanity.
Ta'Quan Zimmerman has decided to be part of the outpouring of support, and he has issued a challenge to friends and family, and it's for a great cause.
Through the Ta'Quan Zimmerman Foundation, the former Holy Cross standout started the "#HundredForHouston" Challenge, a push to donate $100 to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. After donating, you challenge friends and family to do the same.
"Watching news, watching TV, watching the internet, it's a very sad thing that happened in the state of Texas," Zimmerman said in a video announcing his challenge.
Zimmerman added: "They lost a lot of belongings due to Mother Nature, something they couldn't control."
If you want to donate, click here to see where you can do so.

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