Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Sacred Heart, St. Paul girls play a little tennis at Fulton Park

Three area schools have had official regular season events in the first three days of the regular season.
Two of those schools met on Monday afternoon at Waterbury's Fulton Park, and it's only because of some solid community volunteerism that it even happened. The Sacred Heart girls, and other people from both the school and surrounding neighborhood, cleared the snow off the courts and got them ready for the match against St. Paul. You can read more about those great efforts in Joe Palladino's column for the Rep-Am.
In the actual match, the Hearts swept doubles and defeated the Falcons 4-3. Alexa Gallino and Nhi Nguyen won 8-1 at No. 1 doubles, Katie Brown and Katie Uszakiewicz did so by an 8-4 margin at No. 2, and Hannah Dombrowski and Najma Braddock claimed an 8-5 victory at No. 3. Sacred Heart also got a singles win from Ava Longo, 8-4 at No. 3.
St. Paul picked up singles victories from Victoria Kilbourne at No. 1 (8-0), Katie Pouloz at No. 2 (9-7) and Ximena Varela-Marin at No. 4 (8-4). 
As for Tuesday, nothing but postponements. Five baseball games, six softball, four track and field meets and four tennis matches were rained out.
For Wednesday, there's a 90 percent -- you read that correctly -- chance of precipitation, and there could even be thunderstorms. Many of Tuesday's games were moved to Thursday. That could be because of the need to find a mutually agreeable date, or it could be the weather.
Oy, who knows when Mother Nature will give area teams a break. Hopefully Thursday will remain dry as forecast by the National Weather Service.

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