About the Blog

My name is Kevin Roberts, and I am a sports nut. I enjoy covering local sports and telling the stories of high school- and college-level athletes, and beyond. I stopped doing it for a living in February 2015, but the itch to write about local sports never went away. I created this blog in September 2015 and have been enjoying it since.

Sports on CT-69 covers sports in Bristol, Waterbury and Wolcott, which all have Connecticut Route 69 running through them. The blog usually features high school and college coverage, though other topics can be added from time to time. Many stories include photos and/or video.

You can reach me via email at sportsonct69@gmail.com.

Find me on Twitter @SportsonCT69, or Facebook at facebook.com/sportsonct69.

Thank you for your viewership, and I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.